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What we believe

Wicced Sarah Book of Shadows- Book of Musica 1a Laws of Wicced: 20: We believe a Transgender that is of legal age has the right to decide the gender/sex on their Identification card and paperwork including Social Security Card, Driver License and Birth Certificate without SRS( Sexual Reassignment Surgery) to deny them this right violates their right to pursue happiness and their Freedom of Religion.

20a: We accept Gender Identity as such and define Gender identity as a personal conception of oneself as male or female(Uni, or Nome) and that “Birth” Gender and “Psychological” Gender Identity are two separate identities, and when these two identities are in confrontation with each other you produce a gender identification conflict, a Transgender and that the psychological gender identity is the correct identification.

20b: As such we believe Transgender is incorrectly named as a psychological health concern and should be changed to a physical birth defect that causes a significant amount of psychological pain that SRS is required, transgender means going from one gender to another gender, a transgender only does a transition from one gender to another gender physically, not psychologically.

We believe the psychological gender and physical gender develop at the same time and believe the psychological gender is more important, when the psychological gender develops differently than the physical gender and it causes great psychological pain then a Physical Gender Birth Defect has occurred and should be treated as a physical birth defect.

21: We believe in denying any person, gay or straight of legal age the right to marry denies them their guaranteed, constitutional right to pursue happiness and with the doctrine of Wicced an infringement on Freedom of Religion.

22: We pledge to stand up to all forms of hate, bigotry, and bullying. We will not stay silent in the face of intolerance based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability, or any other factor, we will work together with our neighbors to create safer, more inclusive communities for all people.

23: We do not believe a church has to be labeled as nonprofit to be a church.

24: We believe a transgender has the right to use the public restroom of their Gender Identity.

Wicced Sarah Book of Shadows- Book of Wicced 1c: Satan: We believe in decentralization of government and believe in Freedom, not Democracy, we will no longer be as sheep guided to a pen, subdued and stupefied by Soft-Totalitarianism sold to us as Democracy, we have no constitutional right to vote, we do not have a duty to set on a trial as a juror and any force or threat of penalty not to comply with a jury summons is a violation of our freedom, our only obligation is a duty to uphold the pursuit of life, liberty, equality and happiness for every individual and if a constitution, any constitution does not value that than we are not under any obligation except the obligation of Freedom, and we are under obligation to use every avenue available to us, this includes and is not limited to the Freedom of Religion.

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