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The New Wicced Bible v7:

Possess yourself, own, and be in control of yourself then use all your skills to better the world.

We are no less, and we are no more than another person, even a leader is no more or no less than the people they lead, money, power, knowledge or the lack of makes us no less, or no better we are all equal, to think different is what causes differences and not solutions.

We must understand and accept that we are all interconnected, woven together, and dependent on each other, we are one body, one energy, to war and fight against each other is to war and fight against ourselves, we are a global community, not individual states, not individual countries, but a global community.

Rich, poor, and ethnicity are just a construct of I am better than you, however, nobody is any better than another, cut me and do I not bleed as you bleed?

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