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The Great Symphonie

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The Great Symphonie has always been here, it was here before Prudens-Animalis and it will be hereafter Prudens-Animalis and earth have passed, The Great Symphonie are the laws that govern us and the world around us, be like nature learn the delicate dance that brings symphonie to the world accept and understand that destruction and growth are neither good nor bad they are elements of The Great Symphonie.

The Great Symphonie is understandable according to our own limits, let those that teach, teach, and let everybody be a student and with an open mind we will travel a path that will advance individuals and society in a positive forward-moving progression that will cause the old and outdated ideology to fade and bring peace and unity, that is the way of The Great Symphonie.

There is no Deity that controls our fate or destiny and the laws above our understanding of the universe are the Great Symphonie.

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