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Many ways to die

Poison and a shot glass of jack, kiss from an angel so many ways to die and I tried, yes, I did try.

Starving near to death, freezing rain in a one-way street in another dead-end town so many ways to die.

Momma said listen baby girl, don’t walk to fast, think about what you say and back up every word, take the hit if you’re wrong and knock them out if you are in the right and every day get up be happy here and now, the future is no promise, so I lived every day like it was my last, and learned there are so many ways to die.

A head full of nightmares and memories yet the past does not haunt me, I did my job and that’s all, it was a job that had to be done and that’s all but there are just to many ways to die.

When the lights go out, and you feel my edge on your throat, in a sinking boat, drowning in the deep water remember death comes for us all, a slip in the shower, a fall from a cliff, so many ways to die.

If you make it to 25 good for you but that aint no guarantee you will ever see 60 a car crash, some young punk with a gun, so many ways to die.

A cop stopping a swerving driver now lies bleeding on the ground, a lady sleeps in her bed, a child at the wrong place and time it’s a sick rhyme, so many ways to die so why cry?

Wicced Sarah Rockers
Wicced Sarah

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