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Livin On

Livin on Rock -n- Roll, if ya think ya got it tough baby you oughtta try it, it’ll take a strong person bring them to their knees, livin on Rock -n- Roll will make your momma cry, Livin on Rock -n- Roll!

Addicted, strung out, overdosed, under used driftin with no direction home, but you’re livin on Rock -n- Roll, getting clean, stayin dirty, getting old, stroked out feelin mean cause nobody wants to hear the music you’re playin and that’s how it goes livin on Rock -n- Roll.

You earn your scars, you earn your rockers, yeah you pay your dues livin on Roll -n- Roll, you burned, you learn and do it all over, you live every day the same way pouring your heart and soul on the page, blood, sweat and tears stain your neck, vision getting fuzzy but you always find your way to the stage, this life is hard but you’d have it no other way cause you’re livin Rock -n- Roll!

Now you’re old, way past dead and the doctors say you’re way beyond insane, barely able to walk, barely able to remember, barely able to talk, but put a guitar in my hands and get me to stage and I come alive, nightmares and blood stains but I’m a rocker if ya think it’s easy, step onstage and let’s see how long you last livin on Rock -n- Roll.

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