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Build the Future

Build the Future

When my life was over, my wings were black and there was wreckage strewn about as I crawled to the well to quench my thirsty soul, I could see eyes staring back but I could not recognize the reflection staring at me and I cried how do I live now that my life are shards of glass I can’t put back together, and they cut me with each one I try to grasp!

Then I hear a voice saying to me, look deep inside of you there you will find who you always have been and instead of rebuilding the past I build my future.

As I stand before you, I know the despair and pain you feel, let me be the voice saying to you don’t keep rebuilding the past, let me show you how to build your future, let us together build a new future, take my hand and together we will build a new future, full of hope and promise.

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