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Alien Punks 666

Nobody sees our faces, nobody knows our name, but we are everywhere,

We are the Alien Punks!

From the underground to the sky, you can’t count our numbers cause we’re way to high,

We are the rulers of the shadows, but our fingerprints stain everything, you can never get rid of us, from the back rooms to the highest office our legacy never dies,

We are the Alien Punks!

A Satan for your god, a Heaven for your hell, we do not live in misery cause we do not live in your chains we are children of the coming storm and when the shadows overtake the sinister light, we alone will stand for all to see,

We are the Alien Punks!

On every street, in every town, everywhere you look you can’t escape, and when the hand you need is reaching out, there we are, the Alien Punks.

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