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About Wicced Sarah Church

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Wicced Mission:

Bring enlightenment to the people by bringing the Wicced philosophy to the world and teach our children to do the same.


To free people from the chains of oppression.

A Wicced Sarah back patch.png

Wicced Sarah was built on the philosophy of Musica, which Sarah had created when she was 13, Wicced was derived from Wicca and is a denomination of Wicca.

In order to successfully defend freedom and equality for all people, Wicced makes individual rights a part of its doctrine, bringing the defense of equality to a whole new playing field for instance LGBTQ rights are now a religious right and protected under freedom of religion.

Our vision is to free all people from oppression, this includes addictions, redefining male and female to show more freedom and less domination of the "Male" driven frame of mind, and creating a new work environment that is not slave orientated and driven solely by money, developing programs that ensure the basic necessities of life are not contingent on how much money you make as a slave.