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 Wicced Sarah Publishing is a family-owned publishing company started by me and at the present moment, it consists of seven brands. Formed in collaboration with my son, Jrt Cuisine is an alternative cooking YouTube show focused on meat alternatives and a plant-based diet with a goal of opening our own restaurant, Ecosite Construction is about creating more environmentally friendly building materials and decreasing our footprint on the world as a whole, Wicced Sarah music is the music my I have recorded and released, Wicced Sarah apparel is the artwork my I have created for my albums, church and art made just because.

Wicced Sarah Universal Church is the church I started and The New Wicced Bible is all about the philosophy called Wicced that I created and there is a book of my poetry in the works called The Book of Sarah.

All though the name had changed Wicced Sarah Publishing was started by me 40 years ago when I decided after studying copyright laws that I wanted to own 100 percent of my writing, at the time I had written several poetry books and recorded my first album, due to distribution costs I never published the books or album, at that time I had also owned my own landscaping business that I started at 12 and that was the beginning of Wicced Sarah Publishing, a landscaping business, a record label, and a publishing company.

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